Florida Man Marries His Golf Headcover; Things Get Crazy


In a shocking turn of events this week, a Florida man is causing quite a stir within his community as he has decided to identify as a golf driver and marry his beloved pineapple headcover. This bizarre attempt to redefine what it means to be human has been met with ridicule and laughter from friends, family, and the general public. In an exclusive interview, the Florida man had this to say:

“I have always known that I was meant to be something different. That I was not like the other people around me. I felt connected to golf drivers everywhere, so when I came across my pineapple headcover wife, I knew we were meant for each other.”

Florida Man’s wedding was Next Step in his Transition

This delusional narrative is met with more laughs and eye rolls as the Florida man continues about how he plans to live out his new identity as a golf driver. When asked how he plans to spend the rest of his life, he spoke confidently about spending time with his pineapple headcover wife by his side. Then, with a wicked grin, he awkwardly whispered how he’ll “even show the headcover off upside down during a few social gatherings.”

Unfortunately, no one seemed to take him seriously or show any sympathy for what many call an outrageous display of absurdity. To make matters worse, some have even suggested that marriage between inanimate objects should not be endorsed by anyone – let alone someone who is so obviously misguided in their beliefs. But still, the Florida man remains adamant in his belief that he is indeed a golf driver and will continue living this lifestyle despite all criticism.

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The fact that there are people out there who truly believe they can transform themselves into rolling metal sticks remains baffling yet intriguing at the same time. Only time will tell if this Florida man’s radical attempt at redefining himself will pay off or if it will ultimately end in disappointment and heartache – just like any other relationship between two living beings (or lack thereof). Until then, all we can do is watch closely from afar and hope for the best outcome for everyone involved.

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FYI, This article is completely Satire… at this moment. But hey, It’s 2023 so!


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