2020 Titleist Golf Umbrella List: Pick The Best


Titleist Golf Umbrella List

Updated: 12/18/2023

Dive into the world of Titleist Umbrellas, where style meets functionality. Imagine striding the greens, a Titleist golf umbrella in hand, defying the whims of weather with unparalleled elegance. Our curated list of Titleist umbrellas isn’t just about staying dry; it’s a statement of sophistication and a testament to top-tier golfing gear.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of a quality golf umbrella in your gear
  • Explore the Titleist umbrella lineup for various categories and selections
  • Consider expert advice from a comprehensive buying guide to make an informed decision

First, What is a Golf Umbrella?

If you answer, ‘It’s just an umbrella used by golfers’, or you take issue with a golf umbrella like this guy, please keep reading to learn more…

Yes, obviously, the umbrella needs to be used by golfers for it to be a “Golf Umbrella,” but there is more to these element protectors than any ol’ cheap Amazon umbrella.

Here are some typical attributes:

Canopy Umbrella Size

When searching through major golf manufacturers, the standard tour size of canopy umbrellas ranges from a 60 to a 68-inch arc. The main choices are 64″ and 68″. These sizes are big enough to protect you, your clubs, and your caddy from various weather elements.

Double Canopy or Single Canopy

You have the option to purchase either a single or double canopy umbrella. However, it’s highly recommended to invest in a double canopy with wind vents, allowing air to pass through without inverting the umbrella and potentially breaking it.

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Umbrella Technology

Different companies may offer varying umbrella technologies. Here’s a breakdown to help you understand umbrellas better:

  • Durability: Look for umbrellas with an anti-inversion system or at least a double canopy to allow wind pass-through from the ventilation holes, improving durability during storms.
  • Shaft: Choose umbrellas with either fiberglass or carbon fiber shafts; graphite may also be an option. Avoid metal materials due to lightning concerns.
  • Fabric: Aim for umbrella fabrics that repel water and offer UV protection, such as nylon, polyester, and a higher-grade poly known as pongee.
  • Grip: Grips are typically made from foam or rubber, with some rubber grips offering an ergonomic design and/or anti-slip technology.
  • Umbrella Price: Golf umbrellas typically start at $40, with the best tour umbrellas found around the $80 price range.

Titleist Umbrella Categories

Here at Howard’s Golf, we feel Titleist offers some of the best umbrellas to choose from. With three categories of umbrellas delivering needed protection:

You’ll have five different styles of umbrellas to base your selection as you figure out what’s best for your needs…

Tour Umbrellas

The Tour golf umbrellas include both the double canopy and single canopy styles, offering you excellent coverage during rain or sunshine on the golf course.

Remember: A double canopy umbrella offers additional wind protection thanks to the vents located under the second canopy. These vents allow wind to flow through the umbrella, which helps to keep the umbrella from inverting, and makes it easier to hold in high wind situations.

Players Umbrellas

Players umbrella series features a single canopy design and easily folds for portability. Choose between convenient folding umbrellas or traditional single canopy ones, depending on your needs.

Professional Umbrellas

When considering a more exclusive option, professional golf umbrellas come in both single and folding styles, ensuring you’re fully prepared for various weather conditions on the course.

The Titleist Umbrella Selection

Whether you’re looking for some light protection from rain or defense from all types of inclement weather, these six umbrellas represent the best that Titleist has to offer.

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#1  Tour Double Canopy (serious all-weather protection)

Titleist Tour Double Canopy Golf Umbrella TA20TDCU

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy golf umbrella offers superior wind, rain, and sun protection with its 68” size, providing enough coverage for you, your bag, and a caddy. Its double canopy and anti-inversion system make it the best windproof umbrella available for golfers.

Check out my complete review of the Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella and read the crazy storm story I encountered!  

You can pick up your own Titleist tour inspired double canopy umbrella right here.


  • Easy to control in high winds
  • Anti-inversion system prevents flipping inside out
  • Large size of 68 of coverage ideal for multiple people


  • Less practical for personal daily use due to its size

#2 Tour Single Canopy (large size and ample protection for most conditions)

Titleist Tour Single Canopy Golf Umbrella Top View

The Tour Single Canopy is a more manageable 62” size, offering similar protection features as the double canopy version but without the added second canopy. It provides UV protection and an anti-inversion system for most weather conditions.

Take a closer look at this handy umbrella right here.


  • More manageable size than the Tour Double Canopy
  • Anti-inversion system, UV protection, and ergonomic handle
  • Perfect size to keep you and your bag dry


  • Doesn’t perform as well in high wind situations without the double canopy

#3 Players Double Canopy

The Titleist Players Double Canopy Umbrella offers 68″ coverage, anti-inversion wind resistance, and UV protection, noted for its ease of use, style, and portability. While it compares favorably against competitors in features and benefits, there are concerns about the durability of its internal arms in strong winds. Overall, it’s a competitive option in the golf umbrella market, but buyers should consider its durability based on their individual needs.


  • The Titleist Players Double Canopy Umbrella offers a generous 68″ coverage, keeping golfers dry during showers.
  • The umbrella has a double canopy design and a premium anti-inversion system for wind resistance.
  • It also provides UV protection for sunny days on the golf course.


  • Some users have raised concerns about the durability of the internal arms in strong winds.
  • Overall, the umbrella is a robust option for both sunny and stormy weather, but potential durability issues should be considered.

You can pick up your own Players double canopy umbrella right here.

#4 Players Single Canopy (compact size, ideal for most conditions)

The Titleist Players Single Canopy TA8PLCSCU-0 is an all-weather 58" golf umbrella ready for the elements

Looking for an even smaller and more manageable umbrella that’s suitable for inclement weather? Do you not want to deal with the added bulk of the Tour series umbrellas? The Players Single Canopy umbrella may be a viable option for you.

This umbrella incorporates much of the technology you’ll find in the Tour series umbrellas, and a stripped-down aesthetic that’s perfect for players who are looking to stay protected without the flashier looks common with some other umbrellas.

This umbrella provides 58” of coverage… Perfect for you and your bag. Features include:

  • Anti-inversion system
    • Great for windy conditions
  • UV protection
    • Protects you from harmful sun rays
  • Ergonomic handle
    • Feels good when holding

You can pick up the Players Single Canopy right here.


  • Classic look and design
  • Compact and easy to manage
  • Anti-inversion system, UV protection, and ergonomic handle


  • Can be difficult to manage in high wind situations

#5 Titleist Players Folding (perfect for the bag or for the car)

The Titleist Players Folding Umbrella TA8PLFU-0 is a great compact umbrella for a $40 price

If you’re looking for the best compact umbrella that’s just as well suited for the course as it is for walking to your office in a downpour, the Players Folding umbrella from Titleist may be perfect for you. Its versatility makes it a staple in golf bags and cars everywhere.

This folding men’s umbrella has the classic look of the other Players series models and provides the same 58” of coverage from the elements. It also incorporates a double canopy, making this golf umbrella easier to manage in high-wind situations.

The Players folding series is also the most affordable umbrella in Titleist’s extensive line, so it’s not uncommon for golfers to pick up one for their bag and another for the car. While this Titleist umbrella may not have the same proprietary features as some of the more expensive umbrellas, it does provide ample coverage and more versatility than virtually every umbrella on the market.

See if the Players Folding series is a good fit for your game here.


  • Classic styling and versatile design
  • Anti-inversion system and ergonomic handle
  • Affordable price


  • No UV protection, so you may want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a golf umbrella to provide shade and sun protection on hot days on the course

Umbrella Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a new umbrella, you’ll want to consider these points before deciding.

Umbrella Size & Weight

When choosing an umbrella, consider the size and weight that best suits your needs. Compact and folding umbrellas serve a dual purpose for both golf and everyday use. Larger canopy umbrellas provide more coverage but can be cumbersome and difficult to control. Always prioritize finding a lightweight and easy-to-control umbrella to prevent adding unnecessary weight to your bag.

Build Quality

To ensure your umbrella lasts and performs well for years, focus on build quality. Opt for materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber, which provide impressive strength and lightweight properties. These materials are especially suitable for high wind situations as they withstand abuse better than metal or plastic.

In windy conditions, a double canopy design allows better wind flow through the umbrella, making it easier to control and more resistant to inversion. Look for a waterproof canopy material and, if exposed to the sun, consider one that offers UV protection. A push-button release feature simplifies the process of opening and closing the umbrella, particularly for larger models.


If you’re budget-conscious when shopping for a golf umbrella, the good news is there are various options available with the right balance of features and affordability. Focus on the needed features and avoid unnecessary additions to find the right umbrella within your budget. For value-driven decisions, consider umbrellas like the Players Folding or Tour Single Canopy.


Having an ideal golf umbrella truly enhances your experience on the golf course, no matter the weather. With the right umbrella, you can enjoy the game on hot, rainy, or windy days. Titleist offers a variety of options for you to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your needs. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on your favorite umbrella in the comments and recommend this article to your friends!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a wind-resistant Titleist umbrella?

To choose a wind-resistant umbrella, consider the following features:

  • Double canopy design: This allows wind to pass through the umbrella, reducing the risk of inversion.
  • Fiberglass frame: This material is lightweight and flexible, helping to withstand strong winds.
  • Large size: A larger canopy (64 to 68 inches) provides more coverage and stability during windy conditions.
  • Secure grip: Opt for a slip-resistant rubber handle to maintain control in windy situations.

Which are the most popular Titleist umbrellas?

The most popular Titleist golf umbrellas include Titleist Tour Double Canopy and Titleist Players Umbrella. These umbrellas are highly recommended for their quality, durability, and functionality on the golf course.

Which Titleist umbrella offers the best sun protection?

Titleist golf umbrellas with optimal sun protection include those made of high-quality nylon, which provides UPF protection from harmful rays. Look for a double canopy Titleist umbrella with a 68-inch size, as it will shield you from both the sun and rain.

What makes a Titleist umbrella suitable for the elements?

Titleist golf umbrellas suitable for wind and rain have:

  • A double canopy design for wind resistance.
  • A large canopy size (64 to 68 inches) for increased coverage.
  • Nylon fabric material with waterproof features.
  • A sturdy fiberglass frame for flexibility and strength.

How do single and double canopies differ?

Single canopy umbrellas consist of a single layer of fabric covering the umbrella’s frame, whereas double canopy umbrellas have two layers. The double canopy design creates a vent between the two layers, allowing wind to pass through and reducing the chances of inversion. Double canopy umbrellas generally offer better wind resistance and are more suitable for adverse weather conditions.

Is the tour double canopy worth it for improved performance?

Yes, Titleist tour double canopy umbrellas are worth the investment due to their improved performance in windy conditions. The vented design reduces the chances of inversion and withstands stronger winds, making it a valuable asset on the golf course during unpredictable weather.


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