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A golf umbrella is an easy thing to overlook. With the sticker shock of how much these things run, on the surface it’s understandable. Hopefully, by the end of this in-depth review of this Titleist Umbrella, you will understand why you need a double canopy in your bag. If not, check out the best golf umbrella by Titleist guide and see if the that helps.

Titleist Tour Double Canopy available at Howard’s Golf

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Things to Consider before Buying a Golf Umbrella

Presenting the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

Howard’s Golf Test

Social Proof


Things to Consider before Buying a Golf Umbrella

While having this style of an umbrella made for golf may seem like a logical thing to buy…

Bigger is better, and you can cover yourself and others during rain showers or excessive sun,

there is one primary consideration you might want to think about before pulling the trigger – It’s overall size!

How Big are They?

Double canopy golf umbrellas are usually the largest personal umbrellas available on the market. They typically have a 60 to 68-inch arc for coverage and stand around 4 feet tall when closed. Keeping something of this size on your person can be viewed as a necessity, or obnoxious.

Who Benefits?

Golfers can benefit from this size of an umbrella because it’s perfect for protecting them and their clubs. And a large double canopy umbrella kept in the car can help families too. It can be a great asset keeping loved ones dry during mad dashes from the parking lot to a store entrance. So, pretty much anyone who is concerned with more than just themselves regarding rain protection is a good candidate.

Why the Hate?

Unfortunately, some people will remain cynical about these large umbrellas. I know first hand! I use to keep the last model of the Titleist Tour Double Canopy in our family car, and my wife was not a fan. Sure, it was great when we were out shopping, but for work purposes she found the largeness of it to be a nuisance for personal use.

Another example of these large umbrellas seeming intrusive is when walking in major metropolitan areas. I understand the complaint there when space is limited.

What Else Should Be Considered?

While the size of the umbrella is the most critical factor, it is also imperative to consider the overall quality of the golf umbrella.

Do you want the umbrella to be wind resistant? Double canopies have wind vents, while single canopies do not.

Make sure to look at the frame too! The ribs and stretchers need to be high quality so that the umbrella will not accidentally flip inside out during a windstorm. Umbrellas are starting to sport Inversion technology, which helps prevent this from happening. Otherwise, you want more ribs to fight the wind.

While a metal shaft may seem like it is more durable, fiberglass is the better choice for use because it is much lighter than metal.

Presenting the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella

Titleist Umbrella Tour Double Canopy
The Tour Double Canopy umbrella from Titleist is incredibly popular, and for good reason. With advanced anti-inversion technology as well as a double canopy, it is almost impossible for this umbrella to flip inside out. Additionally, it offers 61” of coverage in UV protection for hot days out on the course.

Here’s a list of the pro’s & con’s of this umbrella

Pros & Cons


The Titleist umbrella Tour Double Canopy is made by ShedRain umbrella


  • The price tag is a little high even for the quality
  • Golfers with small bags may feel self-conscious about the size of the umbrella sticking out of their bag

Features and Benefits of this Titleist Umbrella

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy umbrella has many points to discuss. Let’s go through the features and benefits…


Marketing the size of an umbrella can be a bit misleading. Companies love to spout the arc of an umbrella but tend to leave out the span and depth measurements.


Most manufacturers measure the size of the umbrella in the arc, which is a measurement along the top of the canopy of the umbrella. This Titleist umbrella has a 68-inch or 172.72cm arc. While the arc can be a little misleading from a size perspective, the measurement still gives you an idea of how big the umbrella is overall. Personally, I prefer to know the span instead.


Understanding the span of the umbrella may be more accurate, as this explains the actual coverage. At 61 inches or 154.94cm, this is still an incredibly large umbrella and able to fit three people underneath.


It measures 39 ½ inches from the spokes of the umbrella to the top of the umbrella. Plenty of headroom for those same three people to hide under during a rain shower.

Overall Length

When folded, this umbrella measures 42 inches in length.


The Titleist Tour Double Canopy is 100% Nylon fabric

This umbrella has a nylon fabric that does an excellent job of repelling water. Nylon is a synthetic material that has been designed to be durable. This Titleist umbrella also has a silky like feel to it.

Rain Protection

The canopy is treated with Teflon to ensure that water is repelled and doesn’t soak into the nylon. Teflon not only increases the durability of the umbrella but also prevents the user from getting wet. Unlike other umbrellas where the Teflon is applied to the top of the fabric, the Tour Double Canopy has the Teflon worked into the material itself to ensure the best possible protection.

Wind Protection

This Titleist Umbrella is a double canopy with wind vents to allow air to pass through.

One of the areas in which this umbrella shines is in the protection it offers against the wind. As a double canopy umbrella, it is made of six separate panels, each with a vent to help wind cut through the umbrella instead of trying to flip it upside down. As air pressure builds up under the canopy of the umbrella, it can escape through the vents.

The anti-inversion struts help keep this large umbrella from inverting.

Also, to prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out, anti-inversion struts are used to connect the ribs to the stretchers of the umbrella. Each of the rib connections has energy-absorbing shocks to help prevent the umbrella from inverting.

UV Protection

The canopy has a polyurethane coating to provide a UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. UPF 50+ is the highest rating possible.


You should always consider the quality of the shaft you are going to buy. Fiberglass is a popular option for use in golf umbrellas, and for good reason. It is lightweight and durable, so a few ounces can be shaved off the overall weight of the umbrella without risking it breaking or bending.

The shaft is made of fiberglass which makes it lighter and safer in a lightning storm

A fiberglass-reinforced polymer shaft is used for increased strength with no additional weight. It is also non-corrosive, so you don’t have to worry about the rain negatively affecting the shaft.


The ergonomic handle is slip resistant on the Titleist Tour Double Canopy.

One area that should be of concern when buying a golf umbrella is the handle. The last thing you want is to lose your umbrella from a gust of wind that rips it out of your hands. The Tour Double Canopy has an ABS rubber grip on this umbrella, which is incredibly tough and impact resistant. The rubber is a great shock absorber and has an attractive hub pattern that increases your ability to grip the handle, even in heavy storms.


At only two pounds, this umbrella offers a ton of protection from the wind, sun, and rain without a heavy load. Most people can easily carry this umbrella without encountering problems.

Protective Sleeve

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella comes with a protective sleeve that makes it easy to store your umbrella when it is not in use. Because you will be able to wrap up your umbrella and keep it safe, you’ll shouldn’t have to worry about it snagging on anything or the fabric tearing. At first, I thought that it would be difficult to get my umbrella back into the protective sleeve, but it isn’t.

Howard’s Golf Test

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy umbrella open.

I performed a series of tests with this umbrella to make sure that I can accurately talk about its pros and cons and how well it works in a rainstorm. It was both tested in a controlled environment, and out on the golf course in a crazy storm. The Titleist umbrella I tested has been:

  • Opened over 200 times
  • Kept open in a moving golf cart with excessive winds and sideways rains
  • Along with a handful of other assessments 

to check the quality.

Controlled Test

The controlled tests involved me:

  • Using a garden hose to simulate a rain shower to test how well the Tour Double Canopy repelled water
  • Completely saturated the umbrella to check the dry time
  • Checked the durability by opening and closing the umbrella over 200 times.

Here is what I found…

Reenacted Shower

First, I sprayed the open umbrella for 2 minutes with my garden hose. The fabric was wet to the touch but not soaked through to the underside.

After a 2 minute garden hose shower the water sat on top of the fabric of the Titleist Tour Double Canopy umbrella.

Credit goes to the Teflon worked into the nylon. It felt wet to the touch much in the same way that a rain suit does after you come in from the rain. Most of the water slid off of the umbrella, with some of the remaining beads sitting on top of the fabric.

Drying Time

After testing how well the umbrella repelled water I sprayed it some more with the garden hose, including the inside. I wanted to see how long a completely soaked umbrella took to dry. Here’s what I found out.

The drying time of the Titleist umbrella was measured by how long it took to return to normal weight.

As mentioned in the Benefits section this Titleist Umbrella weighs 2 pounds, dry. After the drenching, the weight increased to 2.2 pounds. I sat a timer and monitored how long it took to get back to the original weight. Just under 20 minutes later the umbrella returned to its original weight and felt dry to the touch.

Keep in mind, dry times might vary due to climate and temperature.


Overall, this Titleist umbrella has been opened and closed over 200 times. But during the controlled test I opened and closed the umbrella 150 times repeatedly without stopping. To my pleasure, nothing broke, during this intense test along with the other times.

Opening & Closing

The push button works to activate the opening and closing of the umbrella, manually releasing the umbrella. There was a slight opening resistance about six inches away from the locking mechanism, and I had to apply about one inch worth of intentional pressure to finish opening the umbrella. The pressure is nothing to worry about, just an observation.

Manual push button to open and close the Titleist Tour Double Canopy umbrella

Once opened and locked into place the button must be pushed again to close the umbrella. There is a slight springing action at first, but that is from the spring loaded tip tension system this thing features. Closing the umbrella is an easy process.

I put the umbrella through another 50 additional repetitions of being opened and closed at other times, to make sure that it wouldn’t break. I was happy to find that even despite my rigorous testing, the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella continued to work as perfectly as it did the first time I opened it.

Real World Test

Let me make this bold statement now…

This umbrella is perfect for rounds in horrific weather.

I can attest to this as a crazy storm ended a scramble my cousin, and I was playing early. The picture above was the wall that hit us with four holes to go. 

As we were flying back to the clubhouse I was using the Titleist Tour Double Canopy umbrella as a shield for him – the rain was sideways. The umbrella never inverted. As a matter-of-fact, I was more concerned with losing the grip of the umbrella due to the crosswind patterns caused by the storm and the wind our cart was generating (my cousin smashed the pedal to the floor and wasn’t the slightest bit concerned with cart path only rules)!

Unfortunately, there is no video of the umbrella in action. But truth-be-told, I couldn’t get my phone to work from the excessive rain.

Regardless, the umbrella, the same one that had been opened over 200 times, held up flawlessly.

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy umbrella at Rolling Hills Country Club in Newburgh, Indiana

Social Proof

After looking around online for user reviews, I found one that is very positive about this Titleist umbrella. Unfortunately, the umbrella has only been available for a short time with few reviews. Still, I can agree with this reviewers statement.


The Callaway Rogue 68-inch Umbrella

Callaway Rogue Double Canopy umbrella
Are you looking for a durable and reliable umbrella, but a little bit less expensive than the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella? Then check out the Callaway Rogue 68-inch Umbrella. It’s a great option for a new budget-friendly golf umbrella. This Callaway Umbrella also has a double canopy to allow wind to pass through the umbrella without flipping it inside out. But it doesn’t have the $80 price tag of the Titleist umbrella.

Here are its main features:

  • A molded handle that is ergonomic and non-slip
  • Auto-open capabilities
  • 68 Inch arch
  • Double canopy for wind resistance

Under Armour Golf Double Canopy Umbrella

The Under Armour Black Double Canopy umbrella
An all-black umbrella, the Under Armour Golf Umbrella – Double Canopy uses powerful storm technology to help repel water so that it does not get you or your gear wet. It offers enough coverage to ensure that you and your golf bag stay dry. It is significantly less expensive than the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella. So if you do not have a lot of money to spend on a new umbrella, this is an excellent option for you to check out. It offers the following features:

  • The plastic latch is difficult to open
  • The textured rubber handle is comfortable to hold
  • Its UA Storm technology does a great job of repelling water

TaylorMade 68-inch Double Canopy Umbrella

TaylorMade 68-Inch Double Canopy Umbrella

Similar in appearance and size to the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella, the TaylorMade 68-inch Double Canopy Umbrella is very attractive. You can expect the same type of protection out on the golf course. Why? ShedRain makes this TaylorMade umbrella. But, it’s a little more expensive coming in at $110.

Regardless, consider the following information about this TaylorMade umbrella:

  • It features large portholes which release air rapidly
  • Its cost is higher than that of the Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella
  • Its unique tip tension system is spring loaded to keep the canopy tight
9.6 Must Have Umbrella

If you want a reliable umbrella that can protect you from Mother Nature's fury than the Titleist Tour Double Canopy is the one. It's large enough for three people, and/or you and your golf clubs if caught out on the course.

  • Size 9
  • Technology 10
  • Handle 9
  • Water Repellant 10
  • Durability 10

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