Titleist TA7CSB Golf Shag Bag Review


Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Review: Is it the best?

Avid golfers need to have access to the top golf equipment to perform their best out on the golf course. And when it comes to practice sessions and short game drills you need the best equipment to enhance your game. So, let’s focus on an accessory that will make your golf driving range routine better for many years. If you’re in the market for something to hold a large number of golf balls that you can easily transport, then you will want to consider the Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag. This accessory bag has a very stylish red and black design that is proving very popular among golfers.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Features

What makes the Titleist TA7CSB-061 different from the competition? Let’s go through some of the key features to find out!

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Storage

The most important thing to note right off the bat is the Titleist TA7CSB-061 can hold between seventy and eighty shag balls.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag holding shag balls

In the picture, we could stuff over 140 balls in the bag and still close the zipper…


You will be happy with the amount of storage space that the Titleist TA7CSB-061 has to offer. It’s spacious overall and you could fit additional items like a glove or snack with ease to use during your golf practice routine. The Titleist TA7CSB-061 has the storage space you need while being easy to transport.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Durability

Overall, this is a very durable bag. It feels very well-constructed and should stand the test of time. The quality of this bag will last for many years possibly several decades.

The undeniably high-quality design is one of the biggest selling points. The handles feel comfortable in your hands when toting it around. They’re designed to feel sturdy and easy to hold.

Regarding quality, notice the stitching of the faux leather. The Titleist TA7CSB-061 bag should accompany you during many chipping and/or putting drills.

Titleist TA7CSB Golf Shag Bag
Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag handle images
Despite being so durable, the Titleist TA7CSB-061 really doesn’t feel particularly heavy to hold. It’s impressive that this accessory bag feels so strong while being able to maintain a low weight. Even when this shag bag is filled up completely, it doesn’t become burdensome to carry.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Appearance

Visually, the Titleist TA7CSB-061 bag looks nice. It stands out with a bold red and black design. The Titleist logo is prominently featured at the front of the bag and looks good overall. It has a sporty look and would be a great golf practice bag for any avid golfer to own.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Downfall

Nothing is perfect. And the Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag is no different. Let’s discuss a couple of the issues with this bag.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Cost

If there is one negative aspect of this accessory bag… It is the price!

At $90 there are definitely cheaper options available, but finding a golf range bag that matches this quality is not easy. Most are made with cheap fabrics and stitching is to a minimal. Regardless, $90 is still $90 at the end of the day.

Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Shagger less

Another problem with this shag bag is it doesn’t pick the balls up for you. A shagger is a tube that picks up the balls without you having to bend over. Therefore, you will need to purchase some sort of ball shagger along with your Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag

Is the Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Worth It?

The value of this product is worthwhile. As mentioned, there may be other bags on the market that are less expensive but few are made with this level of durability. It’s a product that can last someone many years, making it a functional utility for golfers.

If you want a bag that:

  •        looks stylish
  •        Feels comfortable in your hands
  •        Holds a lot of golf balls
  •        Very well made
Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag Zipper, Front & Side images

then this is a great option. Getting any product that can potentially last you a very long time is a good buy. For this reason, the Titleist TA7CSB-061 Bag comes highly recommended.

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