Sun Mountain Clubglider Pro Travel Bag: A Comprehensive Review


Protecting your golf clubs is essential for golf enthusiasts who love to travel. The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag is a handy solution that ensures the safe transportation of your golf equipment. Built to carry a staff bag or two mid-sized stand bags, it is constructed with ballistic-quality nylon to provide durability and protection. With this high-quality travel cover, you can rest assured that your investment in golf clubs is well protected during your travels.

The ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag boasts helpful features such as heavy-duty, two-way zippers that run the full bag length for easy loading and exterior access pockets for storing extra gear. Its leg mechanism can be extended and retracted simply, making maneuvering the bag at airports and other locations a breeze. The handsome design and practical features of the ClubGlider Pro ensure that your golf clubs will get the care and protection they deserve while traveling.

If you often travel to play golf and want to keep your equipment safe and secure, investing in a quality travel bag like the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag is wise. It not only affords better protection for your clubs but also facilitates easy transport, reducing the risk of damaged or misplaced golf equipment during transit. In conclusion, ensure your valuable golf clubs remain in perfect condition by choosing the right travel bag for your needs.

Product Overview

Design and Materials

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag is designed to carry a staff bag or two mid-sized stand bags. It is constructed with ballistic-quality nylon, ensuring durability and protection for your golf gear. A patented leg mechanism supports 100% of the weight of the travel cover when the legs are extended and pivots for easy maneuverability.

Weight and Dimensions

The ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag offers larger internal dimensions than the original Meridian Travel Bag. It is suitable for carrying anything from a staff bag to two midsize stand bags. Internal cinch straps ensure that your gear remains safe and secure during transit.

Color Options

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag is available in the color black to provide a sleek and professional appearance. It is designed to meet the needs of casual and professional golfers who require protection and easy transportation for their golf clubs and accessories.

Key Features

Pivoting Casters

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag has pivoting caster wheels that offer superior maneuverability. These wheels facilitate smooth 360-degree movement, allowing you to transport your clubs through airports and other crowded spaces easily. The caster wheels are designed to provide better control and stability while moving the bag.

Leg Mechanism

The patented leg mechanism of the ClubGlider Pro supports 100% of the bag’s weight when the legs are extended. This technology simplifies the process of moving your clubs and reduces strain on your arms and back. The leg mechanism can be easily extended and retracted in a single motion, making it convenient for travel.

Internal Padding and Support

The bag’s interior is designed with internal cinch straps to securely hold your golf bag in place, preventing movement during transit. The ClubGlider Pro is also constructed with ballistic-quality nylon for enhanced durability and protection for your clubs. Its internal dimensions measure 54″ x 16″ x 14″, providing ample space for one staff bag or two mid-sized stand bags.

Benefits for Golfers

Easy Transportation

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag features a patented leg mechanism that supports 100% of the weight when the legs are extended. This design, along with its pivoting caster wheels, provides 360-degree maneuverability, making it effortless to transport your clubs. The retractable legs and wheels also contribute to the bag’s stability during transit.

Enhanced Club Protection

Constructed with ballistic-quality nylon, the ClubGlider Pro helps protect your gear from potential damage during travel. Its interior features padding and an internal strap that keeps your bag snug and secure. Additionally, the bag is designed to securely hold a single cart or stand bag, providing extra protection for your clubs.

Efficient Packing and Unpacking

The ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag offers travelers ample pocket space, with four pockets to store golf accessories and personal items. With internal dimensions of 54″ x 16″ x 14″, this travel cover can easily accommodate a variety of golf bags. Lastly, the ClubGlider Pro efficiently folds for hassle-free storage, making packing and unpacking a breeze.

Price and Affordability

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Professional Travel Bag is a high-quality golf accessory designed to meet the needs of professional golfers on the go. With a price tag of $389.99 at Sun Mountain, you can get this on Amazon, but it may not be considered the most affordable option for casual golfers. However, its durability and functionality make it a worthwhile investment for those who require a reliable travel bag for their golf gear.

Another option for purchasing the ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag is through Howard’s Golf, which offers authorized retailers a price-matching guarantee. This means you can shop confidently, knowing you are getting this travel bag’s lowest price. Additionally, Howard’s Golf offers free shipping on orders over $99, providing extra savings on the overall cost.

When comparing the price of the ClubGlider Pro to other golf travel bags, it is vital to consider the extra features it offers, such as the ability to hold a staff bag or two mid-sized stand bags, as well as its compact folding design for easy storage. With its ballistic-quality nylon construction, this travel bag is designed to last, making it a cost-effective choice for golfers who expect frequent travel and need a bag that can withstand regular use.

Alternatives and Comparisons

When considering the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag, other popular options worth exploring include the Bag Boy T-750 Travel Cover and the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro. The Bag Boy T-750 balances quality and value, while the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro provides extra space for extended golf trips.

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The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro’s unique leg design makes it stand out from competitors, allowing the bag to be rolled easily while upright. However, alternative options like the Sun Mountain Journey Glider Golf Travel Bag offer convenient rolling features but slightly lower prices.

In addition to the options mentioned above, the market offers a plethora of alternatives with varying features and price ranges. Factors to consider when choosing a golf travel bag include durability, pocket space, padding, and internal straps. Assess your golf travel needs to determine which Sun Mountain bag or alternative best suits your preferences.

Final Thoughts

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro is a highly-regarded golf travel bag thanks to its innovative design and advanced features. With retractable legs that provide superior maneuverability and internal cinch straps to secure your golf bag, this travel bag offers excellent protection and convenience for your golf clubs.

ClubGlider Pro’s ballistic-quality nylon fabric ensures durability, while its pivoting caster wheels allow for easy transportation. This travel bag is functional and designed with quality materials to withstand the rigors of golf travel.

In summary, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag stands out among its competitors because of its unique features and high-quality construction. For avid golfers looking to invest in a reliable and efficient golf club travel bag, the ClubGlider Pro is a top choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag weigh? The ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag has a weight of 14.9 lbs, making it easy to transport your golf clubs and other gear. Its construction utilizes ballistic-quality nylon for increased durability.

What are the internal dimensions of the ClubGlider Pro Travel Bag? The bag features 54″ x 16″ x 14″ internal dimensions, providing ample space to secure your golf bag and accessories. The bag also has internal cinch straps to keep your items in place during travel.

What is the leg mechanism on the ClubGlider Pro? The legs on the ClubGlider Pro can be easily extended and retracted in one simple motion, making it convenient for smooth rolling and effortless navigation. When not in use, the legs retract into the molded tray for efficient storage and transport.


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