Quick Sneak Peek at the New Titleist TS2 & TS3 Line


This past weekend our Titleist rep sent me an email asking if I could make a 5 pm meeting at the shop on Tuesday when he got into town. Knowing the new Titleist driver line is getting ready to launch I immediately gave my RSVP. From the meeting, I got to snag a couple photos and learned a few things like:

  • What Does TS Stand for?
  • What are the differences between the TS2 & the TS3?
  • What shafts are available?
  • When is the release date?

Overall, the information covered today will not be very in depth. Titleist is still keeping details close to the hip. But I do understand that Titleist’s goal was to create the longest and most forgiving driver possible. So when Titleist R&D set out to create this driver the department’s job was to push both limits to the maximum.

Keep that in mind as I pass along some key points from the meeting!

The New Titleist Driver TS Line (The Bomber & The Classic)

The new Titleist drivers called the TS2 and TS3

So here they are… The Titleist TS2 & TS3. After talking to our rep here’s what I wanted to cover with you.

What does TS stand for?

For starters, TS DOES NOT stand for Tour Spec or Totally Sick.

TS does not stand for someone's name

And no, Thomas Schweikert. Sorry, but it’s not your name either.

TS stands for Titleist Speed

TS2 aka The Bomber

This Titleist driver is being dubbed the Bomber. Dropping the SureFit CG system, Titleist has opted for a one weight design that is pushed far to the back and low.

It’s an all titanium head and 460cc. They are claiming it to be the fastest driver in their respected history of Titleist drivers.

TS3 aka The Classic

Titleist TS3 driver

Believe it or not, the TS3 is also a 460cc head… And it looks good! It’s the reason the TS3’s nickname is The Classic. In the TS3 the SureFit CG removable weight is a little closer to the face making it not as deep as the TS2 for a lower launch.

Standing over the Titleist TS3 Driver (Love that Pear-Shape)

The Titleist TS3 driver at address


One significant difference between the TS2 and TS3 is the pear shape design in the TS3. The pear-shape seems to be the preferred look for low handicap and scratch golfers.

Another difference is the launch angle. Apparently with the weight pushed back farther and lower in the TS2 it’s designed to launch higher than the TS3. And with the TS3 weight being able to be flipped to change the draw bias it will be able to shape shots better.

Also, Titleist did away with the Active Recoil Channel from the 917 D series drivers. So it looks like there will be no 3.0 version here… At least with the Titleist driver.

Can there be too much M.O.I?

Something I learned yesterday is that MOI does have a point of negative return. Titleist feels the sweet spot is somewhere in the low 6000’s, but I did not get a specific M.O.I. number for these drivers.

Stock Shafts for the TS Drivers

Titleist drivers shafts

Titleist has always offered a nice selection of stock shafts. This lineup is no different. These four shafts:

  • Project X HZRDUS Smoke
  • Mitsubishi Tensei Blue
  • Mitsubishi Kuro Kage
  • Project X Even Flow

It is also worth noting this Titleist driver is longer. The company has increased the length of these shafts by a half inch so the standard length of the drivers will be 45.5”.

Also, the SureFit hosel is still being used for this line and shafts of previous Titleist drivers are interchangeable.

Ryder Cup Release Date

Just to be clear… We do not have these Titleist drivers in stock yet! The TS2 & TS3 are set to be released during the Ryder Cup 2018, which begins on Friday, September 28th.

The Titleist TS Fairway Woods

Titleist TS Fairway Woods

Here’s a look at the TS2 & TS3 Fairway woods too. They resemble their big brothers (the drivers), but one big difference is they do have the Active Recoil Channel.

Titleist TS Low Profile Fairway Wood

Low Profile face of the Titleist TS Fairway woods

Here you can see the TS3 low profile head and the SureFit hosel.


I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek of the Titleist new line. Unfortunately, I was not able to give more details, but I’m sure Titleist will leak more info as we get closer to the Ryder Cup. Be sure to give this article a share if you like what you’ve read!


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