3 New Cobra LTDx Drivers: All Hype or New Reality?


Cobra is back at it again with another driver release. This time, they are touting the Cobra LTDx Drivers as the longest total distance drivers on the market. The LTDx drivers have been designed with several features to improve their performance. These include PWR-COR Tech, which places more weight forward and lower, a faster H.O.T Face design, and a lighter and more stable chassis. Therefore, helping to create zero CG and 5200 MOI for extreme forgiveness.

Three versions are available to fit a diverse range of golfer’s styles:

Each LTDx driver utilizes strategic weighting configurations to produce varying levels of spin, trajectory height, and draw vs. fade bias.

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In this review, we will take a look at all of the features that Cobra offers with three drivers and how they compare to other models on the market. Keep reading for the full breakdown!

What are the 3 Cobra LTDx Drivers?

Here are the three latest Cobra LTDx Drivers released this year.


Cobra LTDx Drivers key features of the LTDx Driver.

Are you looking to add some extra yardage to your drives? The Cobra LTDx driver is what you need. 

The Cobra LTDx driver is a high-performance club designed to help players hit the ball further than ever before.

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The driver has PWR-COR Technology that creates a zero center of gravity close to the ground. A lower CG makes it easier for a broader range of players to hit long, straight drives.

In addition, the H.O.T Face design is precisely tuned for speed, providing even more distance and accuracy.

If you’re looking for a driver that will help you take your game to the next level, the Cobra LTDx might be a perfect choice.

Key Features:

  • The LTDx driver is the perfect club for hitting long distances. It uses PWR-COR Technology to create zero cgna and 5200 MOI, which will help you smash the ball further than ever before.
  • This combination of low spin, fast ball speed, and extreme forgiveness equal more distance.
  • The Back weight creates a medium launch with a neutral to soft draw ball flight. To get an extra 7 yards of draw, adjust the loft to the “DRAW” setting.
  • PWR-COR technology lowers the spin rate on the ball for faster speed. The tungsten back weight makes the driver more forgiving, making it easier to hit for a broader range of players.
  • Created using machine learning to precisely tune for speed, the Cobra H.O.T Face increases ball speed over a larger face surface.
  • The PWR-CORTechnology features up to 30% more carbon and a lighter titanium chassis. This construction makes the driver lighter and faster.
  • FIXED BACK WEIGHTING – A fixed weight and a tungsten weight combination promotes stability and helps the ball fly higher with more distance.

Price: $499


Key Features of the LTDx LS driver.

Skilled players with fast swing speeds should look at the Cobra LTDx LS Driver. With its traditional shape and forward weighting, this driver provides improved workability and lower spin for a penetrating flight.

The PWR-COR technology positions most of the weight low and forward, making the ball speeds faster with less spin. The 19 grams positioned right behind the hitting zone (a 14g machined steel internal weight and a 5g exterior aluminum weight) of the LTDx LS help transfer speed to the golf ball at impact, reducing spin.

And with 10g in the heel and toe of the LTDx LS, you can tailor your ball flight to get precisely the results you want.

Key Features:

  • The LTDx LS is a low-spinning driver for lower handicap players with fast swing speeds.
  • Most of its weight is positioned low and forward for a lower, penetrating flight.
  • The PWR-COR technology in this club positions a lot of the weight low and forward making the ball go faster and with less spin. The LS model has the lowest spin and is the most workable of the three models.
  • A classic profile and a forward weight distribution allow for greater workability.
  • – 10g in the heel delivers a neutral to soft fade ball flight 
  • – 10g in the toe delivers up to 4 yards of additional fade bias 

Price: $499

LTDx Max

Key Features of the LTDx Max Driver by Cobra Golf

Is the right side of the fairway living rent-free in your head? Then look no further than the Cobra LTDx Max. This driver delivers extreme forgiveness and adjustable draw bias, giving you the power to hit it straight every time.

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With PWR-COR Technology positioning weight low and forward, you’ll enjoy faster ball speed and reduced spin. Cobra engineered the driver with 6 grams of machined steel internal weight and 4 grams of exterior aluminum weight (10 grams total). The Cobra LTDx Max driver sends maximum speed to the golf ball at impact with minimal spin by positioning these weights behind the hitting zone.

Also, placing the adjustable weights (a hefty 10g and a lightweight 3g) in the rear and heel position may give you more control. If you want a more neutral ball flight, you can place the 10-gram heavy weight in the back of the club. Or, if you need a draw bias, place the weight at the club’s heel.

Key Features:

  • The LTDx MAX driver provides extreme forgiveness and adjustable draw bias.
  • It features a PWR-COR Technology that positions weight low and forward for faster ball speed and reduced spin.
  • The LTDx Max Driver has an additional weight in the back, making it easier to hit and more forgiving for a wide range of players.
  • The H.O.T Face design is precisely tuned for speed using machine learning, resulting in increased ball speed across a larger face area.
  • The construction features up to 30% more carbon and a lighter titanium chassis, maximizing weight savings to improve performance.

Price: $499.99

What is the tech for the Cobra LTDx Drivers?


If you’re looking to hit the ball further than ever before, look no further than Cobra’s PWR-COR Technology. By positioning weight low and forward, this innovative system maximizes distance while reducing spin for longer, straighter drives.


The all-new H.O.T (Highly Optimized Topology) face technology results from cutting-edge engineering and design. Through machine learning and CNC machining, Cobra Golf created a variable thickness design that is precision-tuned for speed. Cobras design optimized 15 different zones to maximize ball speed across a larger face area based on thousands of impact simulations data. Therefore, the H.O.T face one of the most technologically advanced golf clubs on the market today!


Do you want a lightweight and durable construction? Look no farther than Cobra’s brand-new multi-material design! This titanium frame is lighter and stronger. The carbon crown and sole plate make it even lighter. This new chassis weighs 8.3 grams less while still being strong. This makes the frame faster because you can use more carbon fiber in the PWR-COR to increase ball speed.


The all-new CNC Milled Infinity Face is designed to increase the zone of maximum ball speed for more distance and accuracy. The CNC Milled Infinity Face is a must-have for any serious golfer with its traditional topline and improved visual alignment.

Do Any Pros Use Cobra LTDx Drivers?

Cobra Golf has nine tour professionals on staff and 14 icons/coaches/ambassadors. Here are a few of the most notable Cobra players:

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau uses Cobra LTDx driver. He has been working with Cobra over the last year to create a more forgiving and accurate driver. DeChambeau debuted an LTDx LS prototype at the Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui. Dechambeau used the standard version of the driver (with just five degrees of loft) at Torrey Pines. DeChambeau is known for his distance, so the Cobra LTDx drivers are a good fit for him.

Jason Dufner

Jason Dufner also uses the Cobra LTDx driver. He switched to the new LTDx at the American Express tournament. Dufner has found that the strikes have been consistent off the middle of the face. Like last year’s Radspeed, he felt like he had been making good swings but was catching it on the toe a little bit in the previous models. Dufner has added even more weight in the back of the LTDx, which changes the center of gravity and makes the ball launch higher and spin more. For Jason, the most important thing with a driver is if he thinks he made a good swing and hit it off-center, does the ball do what he wants it to do?


That concludes our review of the Cobra LTDx Drivers. We hope you found this helpful and informative. We recommend the LTDx LS for lower handicap players and the Max for golfers needing a little more forgiveness.

  • LTDx: Best all-around driver for a wide variety of golfers
  • LTDx LS: Best players driver for fast swings
  • LTDx Max: Best draw-biased driver in the LTDx family

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