Mizuno Golf Coronavirus: Protecting Staff & Golfers from the Outbreak


Mizuno Golf just released an email with an Effective Until Further Notice message. In an attempt to do their part regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the spread of the virus Mizuno Golf has made an executive order. This order requires all Mizuno team members are required TO NOT travel unless mission-critical.

Company's Coronavirus Stance

Mizuno Golf Coronavirus Policy

The opening sentence of the email read, “With the ever rapidly changing world in regards to the COVID-19, we know that community spread is happening in parts of the USA right now and the WHO has declared the outbreak a pandemic.” 

Mizuno will reassess the travel policy on a constant basis & plan on communicating changes ASA.

How Does Mizuno Golf's Coronavirus Decision Affect the Rest of the Industry?

So how does this move affect the golf industry?


Specifically demo days, nation wide?

March and April are almost a holiday season for us golfers as demo days are hosted around the country weekend after weekend. Golf shops and Golf Courses spend months planning these events. And golfers check social media, emails, and websites daily for updates for who’s coming, when, and where.


So, obviously, golfers and golf shops alike are probably not happy overall. As a small family-run shop, hearing this news would be bad if we were having Mizuno this weekend. But, for what it’s worth, I’m waiting to hear the announcement of other companies who follow suit. We’re hosting Callaway and Cleveland/Srixon Golf this Saturday, March 14th. We’ll see what happens (FYI, there’s not a single case yet in our area, which is why we’re moving forward).

But, as President Trump just declared a National Emergency for this outbreak an hour ago any ill feelings by us – shop owners and golfers alike – is pointless. The timing sucks, for sure since most of us have been cooped up all winter and not getting our needed golf fix. Regardless, at this moment, I understand WHY Mizuno Golf is doing this.

Mizuno Golf IS NOT Closing!

One thing I want to point out quickly though, Mizuno Golf IS NOT closing. Manufacturing WILL still be building clubs and Customer Service will still be working their normal hours.

Per my rep, ‘We have no inventory problems or shortages and will be able to meet any custom builds with the same speed you are custom to from Mizuno Golf.
Therefore, Mizuno Golf is still open for business!

What's Your Take on the Coronavirus Policy?

Without getting political, how do you feel about this decision regarding COVID-19 and Mizuno’s Effective Until Further Notice? Is Mizuno making the right decision? Tell us about it down in the comments.


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