Leaked Photos Lead to Mizuno Irons new JPX 919 Line


As Mizuno reps are returning home from the National Sales meeting in Atlanta, the word is spreading of the launch of the JPX 919 irons scheduled for late August/early September. From a leaked source to the USGA Mizuno irons fans are finding out about the newest line. And these clubs are making some noise as golfers are chiming in with their thoughts in various forums in the golfospher part of the Internet.

Not much has been released from Mizuno information wise though, but pictures of the new clubs are out from the USGA.

Here’s your first look at the JPX 919 family…

JPX 919 Hot Metal

The new Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Irons

The Hot Metal will have the same Chromoly metal technology that made its predecessor so legendary. You should expect a long distance iron with a metal that can easily be adjusted to your swing with this cast head. It should be available in both RH and LH.

JPX 919 Forged

Featuring the Grain Flow Forged HD 1025 Boron metal this head should still give you forgiveness, and added distance compared to similar forging process with carbon, but the feel might be a little firmer. Regardless, we’re talking about Mizuno irons here… So it should still feel good! The 919 Forged looks to be available in both the RH and LH.

JPX 919 Tour

The new design in the 919 Tour looks sharp, clean and modern. Definitely a club for the better player, but with Mizuno’s JPX technology. This is the club that probably most excites me out of the group, or as someone else said, “This. Is. What. I’ve. Been. Waiting. FORE! As of now, it looks to only be available in the RH.

Thoughts around the Web

It will be interesting to see how these clubs perform in market demand considering the JPX 900 series was so popular. As of now, the emotions seem to be mixed reviews with golfers:

  • Many are excited about the new lineup
  • The ones who aren’t as impressed seem to have their dream Mizuno set in the bag
  • Others are basing their dislike off of single photos that might not capture how the club really looks in person

Here are some screenshots of comment sections of some of the most popular Golf Forums…

The Good

Mizuno irons are best of the best

The Meh

Social media image of people prefering to keep their Mizuno JPX 850 irons

The Back-n-Forth

Final Thoughts

Seth Godin made a statement not to long ago that seems to apply here…

Well, the 919 series might not change the status quo (actually if status quo is Mizuno always making top quality iron sets I don’t want change). But, I do have faith that these irons will build on the success of the JPX 900’s…

And hopefully, make some improvements!

It’s time to channel your inner Yoda here now and remember, ‘Patience, you must have.’

Late August / Early September will be here soon enough!


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