Hawaiian Golf Shirts: 15 Best Picks for 2023


Hawaiian golf shirts are the perfect blend of comfort, style, and fun for a day on the green. As golf enthusiasts look for ways to express their unique personalities on the course, these vibrant and eye-catching shirts have gained popularity. Ideal for tropical-themed golf events or just adding some flair to your usual game, Hawaiian golf shirts can set you apart and enhance your overall golfing experience.

At the heart of any and all Hawaiian golf shirts is its bold and lively design. With intricate patterns of tropical foliage, flowers, and even festive animal prints, these shirts combine the laid-back vibe of a Hawaiian vacation with the sophistication of golf attire. They also offer the moisture-wicking and ventilation benefits that are essential for a comfortable day on the course. When choosing from the many different Hawaiian golf shirts, consider the type of material used, as it plays a critical role in providing breathability and comfort. Synthetic materials like polyester and blends are popular choices for their moisture management and quick-drying properties.

In addition to material, consider the fit and style of the various Hawaiian golf shirts. Look for features like a loose fit to allow for unrestricted movement during your swing, a durable collar to maintain its shape, and convenient pockets for small items such as golf tees or scorecards. The right shirt will not only make you look and feel your best on the golf course, but also allow you to focus on the game with confidence.

With these key factors in mind, you’re now ready to explore the various options that Hawaiian golf shirts have to offer. As you step onto the tee box sporting a vibrant and unique look, you’ll not only enjoy the comfort and practicality of your chosen shirt but also add a touch of tropical flair to your golf game. Let’s dive into the world of Hawaiian golf shirts and find the perfect one for you!

Best Hawaiian Golf Shirts

Aloha, golf enthusiasts! Get ready to embrace the spirit of the islands with our curated list of the best Hawaiian golf shirts just for you. They’re vibrant, comfortable, and perfect for making a statement on the greens. Check out these must-have designs that will truly elevate your golfing experience.

SheLucki Hawaiian Shirt for Men – Palm Tree Blue

SheLucki Hawaiian Shirt

For a comfortable and stylish option, consider the SheLucki Hawaiian Shirt for Men that offers charming palm tree blue print and a great fit.


  • Soft and cool fabric
  • Versatile for various occasions
  • Multiple colors and patterns available


  • Size chart should be carefully reviewed
  • Print only on one side
  • Casual wear, not formal

Step up your Hawaiian golf shirts game with this SheLucki shirt, designed with a captivating palm tree blue print that adds a touch of tropical flair to your look. Made with a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, these shirts provide the ultimate balance of comfort and durability. The soft and cool fabric quickly dries, keeping you fresh throughout the day.

This versatile shirt is suitable for numerous occasions, ranging from holiday parties to beachside events and even a casual office day. With various patterns and styles available, you can choose from a wide selection of eye-catching prints perfect for any taste. Whether you prefer pineapple, sunflower, or tropical floral designs, there’s an option for everyone.

Before placing your order, make sure to pay close attention to the provided size chart to ensure the best possible fit. Some users have mentioned that the shirt print is only on one side, so be mindful of that detail when making your decision. While this shirt may not be the best choice for a formal event, its casual charm makes it the perfect addition to your laidback wardrobe. Embrace the spirit of Aloha and dress to impress with this SheLucki Hawaiian Shirt for Men in the striking Palm Tree Blue color.

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VATPAVE Mens Casual Hawaiian Golf Shirts

VATPAVE Mens Casual Hawaiian Shirts

This stylish and comfortable VATPAVE Mens Casual Hawaiian Shirt is perfect for bringing tropical vibes to your golf game or casual outings.


  • Lightweight 70% Cotton 30% Viscose Fabric
  • Colorful, all-over floral print
  • Button-up with spread collar


  • Slightly prone to wrinkling
  • Thin material may affect durability
  • Size variations may require ordering up

When you wear this Hawaiian golf shirt, you’ll immediately notice its lightweight and airy feel, making it a great year-round option for any occasion. The spread collar adds a touch of sophistication, while the colorful floral print ensures you’ll stand out on and off the golf course.

This shirt does have a few downsides, though. The blend of cotton and viscose can cause the shirt to wrinkle, so you may need to iron it occasionally to keep it looking fresh. Additionally, the material is on the thin side which could raise questions about long-term durability.

Regarding sizing, it’s important to note that you may need to order a size up, especially if you prefer a loose fit. Some reviews suggest the shirt may slightly shrink after washing, and others mentioned wanting a more relaxed feel. Keep these factors in mind when selecting the perfect size for you.

Overall, the VATPAVE Mens Casual Hawaiian Shirt is a delightful addition to your golf wardrobe—or any casual outing, for that matter—bringing a touch of Aloha spirit to your day. Just remember to consider the cons and be mindful when choosing your size.

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Coofandy Men’s Hawaiian Floral Shirts

Coofandy Men's Hawaiian Floral Shirts

Add a touch of tropical style to your wardrobe with this comfy cotton-linen Hawaiian golf shirt from Coofandy.


  • High-quality, lightweight cotton fabric
  • Stylish floral design with multiple color options
  • Great for casual outings, beach vacations, and warm weather


  • Slightly heavier and scratchier than expected
  • Color may slightly differ from the picture
  • Sizing may run small, consider ordering a size up

Slip into the Coofandy Men’s Hawaiian Floral Shirt and instantly elevate your summer wardrobe. The 100% cotton fabric is lightweight, breathable, and perfect for those warm and sunny days on the golf course or lounging by the beach.

The standout feature of this shirt is its stylish floral design, with bright and vibrant prints to choose from. No matter which color you select, you’ll catch the attention of those around you and spread the spirit of Aloha wherever you go.

However, be aware of potential sizing issues before ordering. Some users have reported the shirt running small, so consider going up a size for a looser and more comfortable fit. Additionally, the fabric may feel a bit heavier and scratchier than anticipated, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying this fashionable Hawaiian golf shirt.

In conclusion, the Coofandy Men’s Hawaiian Floral Shirt offers a stylish and comfortable option for those who want to bring a tropical vibe to their golf outings or casual events. With its high-quality fabric, captivating design, and versatile nature, this shirt should be a staple in your warm-weather wardrobe.

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EUOW Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

EUOW Men's Hawaiian Shirt

The EUOW Men’s Hawaiian Shirt is a versatile and stylish choice for your summer wardrobe, offering comfort and a vibrant design.


  • Soft, comfortable polyester-spandex blend
  • True to size, regular fit
  • Quick evaporation for cooling effect


  • Limited color options
  • May not suit formal occasions
  • No solid-color options

Going beyond the traditional Hawaiian shirt design, the EUOW Men’s Hawaiian Shirt is crafted from a soft polyester fabric that not only offers nice print quality but also ensures comfort during hot summer days. The spandex blend ensures the shirt maintains its shape while allowing you to move freely.

The fit of this shirt is true to size, which means you’ll feel confident and comfortable wearing it without worrying about it being too tight or too loose. Additionally, its cooling technology helps evaporate sweat faster, ensuring you stay comfortable even in the hottest and most humid weather conditions.

However, the color options available may not cater to everyone’s preferences, especially if you prefer solid colors or want more subdued patterns. Moreover, the design might not be suitable for all occasions, particularly formal events or office wear. Though suitable for casual gatherings and beach parties, this shirt may not be the ideal choice if versatility is your priority.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a Hawaiian shirt that is both comfortable and visually appealing, the EUOW Men’s Hawaiian Shirt is worth considering. Its soft fabric, fit, and cooling properties make it an excellent choice for summer wear and casual outings.

Alimens & Gentle Cotton Hawaiian Shirt

Alimens & Gentle Cotton Hawaiian Shirt

This Alimens & Gentle Hawaiian Shirt is a stylish and comfortable option for your next golf outing or beach vacation.


  • Made from 100% soft cotton fabric
  • Cooling tech for quick sweat evaporation
  • Wrinkle-free after washing


  • Content tag missing
  • Might require ordering one size larger
  • Potential inconsistency in fabric materials

Stay in style and comfort during your golf game or beach holidays with the Alimens & Gentle Hawaiian Shirt. Made from premium 100% cotton, this shirt keeps you feeling cool and relaxed as the cooling technology helps your sweat evaporate faster.

You’ll love the wrinkle-free convenience after washing, so you can toss it in the laundry and have it ready for your next outing. This casual, regular fit shirt with a Cuban collar is perfect for any summertime occasion, giving you that fashionable Aloha vibe.

However, be aware that the content tag is missing, and some customers have questioned the material being 100% cotton. Additionally, ordering one size larger than your regular size might be necessary for optimal fit. Despite the potential inconsistency in fabric, many users have found this shirt to be a great choice for its attractive print and comfortable wear, making it a worthwhile investment for your wardrobe. Enjoy the spirit of Aloha with this vibrant and fun Hawaiian shirt!

KING KAMEHA Hawaiian Shirt for Men

KING KAMEHA Hawaiian Shirt

This vibrant and stylish Hawaiian shirt is perfect for those looking to stand out on the golf course or at a fun event.


  • Bright and vivid colors
  • Soft, thin, and light material
  • Suitable for various occasions


  • Sizing runs smaller than standard US sizes
  • Might be too thin for some
  • Polyester material may cause increased body temperature

This KING KAMEHA Hawaiian Shirt for Men offers a funky and casual design that’s ideal for hot and sunny days. Its bright colors, made from a denser material, provide a brilliant color design, and the soft and thin material ensures a comfortable fit. However, make sure to check the size charts to find your perfect fit, as these are not standard US sizes.

In addition to its eye-catching design, the shirt can be easily paired with a T-shirt for colder days and still make you shine. Whether you’re on vacation, at the beach, or attending a themed party, this shirt is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

However, be aware that the polyester material of the shirt might make your body temperature increase during hot days or if worn for an extended period. If you’re sensitive to this issue, it could be a consideration when deciding whether to purchase this Hawaiian shirt. Nonetheless, with its fun and unique design, the KING KAMEHA Hawaiian Shirt is an excellent addition to your casual wardrobe.

Damipow Hawaiian Shirts for Men

Damipow Hawaiian Shirts

This Damipow Hawaiian Shirt is perfect for those seeking a stylish and comfortable summer option for golfing and more.


  • 100% Rayon material for softness and breathability
  • Tropical Hawaiian design with a variety of eye-catching patterns
  • High-quality construction and stitching


  • Hand wash only, may be inconvenient for some users
  • No chest pockets for additional storage
  • Color may slightly differ from the product image

Escape into a tropical paradise with these Damipow Hawaiian Shirts for men. The 100% rayon material ensures you stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days, making it ideal for golfing or any other summer activities. With the tropical Hawaiian design, you’ll be able to embrace the Aloha spirit and stand out in your golfing group.

Besides its stylish design, the high-quality construction and stitching of these shirts are made with utmost care, ensuring durability and wearability. You will find that these shirts are true to US standard sizing, making it easy to select the perfect fit for your frame.

While these shirts have many appealing features, they do come with some drawbacks. They require hand washing, which can be inconvenient for those who prefer machine washing. Additionally, they do not have chest pockets which may be an issue if you like to keep small personal items close. It’s also important to note that the actual color of the shirt may slightly differ from the product image.

In conclusion, the Damipow Hawaiian Shirts for men are a stylish and comfortable option for your summer wardrobe, especially for golf enthusiasts. Just be mindful of the care instructions and the absence of chest pockets before making your purchase. Embrace the spirit of Aloha and enjoy your tropical golfing experience!

Tipsy Elves Men’s Bright Hawaiian Shirt

Men's Bright Hawaiian Shirts

This Hawaiian shirt makes a perfect choice for expressing your vibrant style while staying comfortable in any summer setting.


  • Ultra-soft, stretchy fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Modern tailored cut, suitable for various occasions
  • Wrinkle-resistant material that stays crisp after washing


  • Size may run a bit small
  • Line-dry only, not mentioned in the description
  • Slightly pricey compared to other options

Embrace the spirit of summer with Tipsy Elves Men’s Bright Hawaiian Shirt, designed to make a statement at any gathering. Its buttery soft and comfortable fabric ensures you stay at ease, whether you are attending a party or enjoying a casual day outdoors. Coupled with a versatile modern fit, this shirt is perfect for those who seek both style and function.

The lightweight and breathable construction of this shirt is an added bonus, keeping you cool even during hot summer days. Stay worry-free about wrinkles, as the fabric is made to withstand multiple washes and maintain its crisp appearance.

However, be mindful of the sizing, as some customers suggest the shirt runs small. You might want to consider ordering a size up for a perfect fit. Also, note that it is line-dry only, though this information might not be evident in the product description. While it may be on the pricier side, the overall comfort, style, and quality make it a worthy investment. So, go ahead and upgrade your wardrobe with this lively Tipsy Elves Hawaiian shirt and prepare to collect compliments wherever you go!

SSLR Men’s Hawaiian Flamingo Shirt

SSLR Men's Hawaiian Flamingo Shirt

Make a stunning impression with SSLR’s Hawaiian shirt featuring a pink flamingo and tropical plant print – perfect for those seeking a comfortable, stylish, and relaxed summer look.


  • Eye-catching pink flamingo and tropical plant prints
  • 100% polyester fabric for comfort and quick-drying
  • Versatile for various occasions


  • May need to size up for a better fit
  • Potential shrinking after washing
  • Some may find the colors too vibrant

If you’re searching for a Hawaiian shirt that sets you apart, look no further than SSLR’s Men’s Hawaiian Flamingo Shirt. This shirt pairs well with Hawaiian shorts, casual pants, and even jeans, making it perfect for different occasions like beach trips, summer parties, or just relaxing at home.

One thing to be mindful of is that customers report that this shirt runs small, so it’s advisable to order a size up for a more comfortable fit. Speaking of comfort, the 100% polyester fabric feels soft against the skin and dries quickly, which is ideal for hot summer days.

However, be cautious when washing this shirt, as some customers have experienced shrinking. Overall, this SSLR Men’s Hawaiian Flamingo Shirt is a fun, stylish, and comfortable addition to your summer wardrobe – just remember to order a size up and avoid washing mishaps to keep it in great shape.

Tropical Storm Hawaiian Shirt for Men

Hawaiian Shirt

This stylish and comfortable Tropical Storm Hawaiian Shirt is perfect for your next beach party or casual day at the office.


  • High-quality polyester fabric with quick-dry effect
  • Versatile for various occasions
  • Available in multiple colors and designs for all ages


  • Sizing is not according to Amazon’s size chart
  • Shirt only, no matching shorts included
  • Some shoppers didn’t like the print

When you think about embracing the spirit of Aloha, this Tropical Storm Hawaiian Shirt for Men is the perfect choice. The high-quality, soft polyester fabric not only provides comfort but also dries quickly, making it an ideal choice for those sunny beach days or casual gatherings with friends and family.

This Hawaiian shirt is versatile enough to be worn at beach parties, theme events, or even during casual workdays at the office. The wide range of available colors and designs ensures there’s a perfect match for everyone, regardless of age or personal style preferences.

However, be cautious when choosing the right size, as the sizing for this shirt does not follow Amazon’s standard chart. Make sure to pay attention to the provided measurements to find your perfect fit. Additionally, note that the images may show matching shorts, but only the shirt is included in your purchase. Some customers found the print to be less appealing than anticipated, but that’s a subjective matter of individual preference.

In conclusion, invest in a Tropical Storm Hawaiian Shirt to upgrade your wardrobe with a stylish, comfortable, and quick-drying piece that captures the Aloha spirit while offering versatility for various occasions.

VATPAVE Men’s Front Pocket Hawaiian Shirts

VATPAVE Men's Front Pocket Hawaiian Shirt

This versatile VATPAVE Hawaiian shirt is perfect for those seeking a comfortable and stylish option for any tropical occasion.


  • Innovative design with a vintage feel
  • Comfortable 70% Cotton and 30% Viscose blend
  • Great for various events and occasions


  • Thin material may not suit everyone’s preference
  • Sleeves might be shorter than expected
  • Wrinkles easily, yet can be steamed out

When you’re looking for a Hawaiian shirt to wear on your next tropical adventure or event, the VATPAVE Men’s Front Pocket Hawaiian Shirt offers a unique blend of comfort and style. The innovative design with the fabric used in reverse gives it an old-fashioned, vintage feel, making it stand out among other Hawaiian shirt options.

The comfortable 70% Cotton and 30% Viscose blend material feels light and airy, perfect for warm weather or a beach setting. This shirt is versatile for various occasions, such as a Hawaiian-themed party, cruise, or simply enjoying your daily leisure.

However, it is essential to consider that some may find the thin material not suitable for their preference. Additionally, the sleeves might be shorter than what you expect, and the material does wrinkle easily. Fortunately, these wrinkles can be removed with a quick steaming session.

In conclusion, the VATPAVE Men’s Front Pocket Hawaiian Shirt shows off a unique design and comfortable blend, making it a solid choice for those seeking a stylish and versatile option for tropical events. Just keep in mind the possible cons, and you’ll be ready to embrace the spirit of Aloha in your new favorite Hawaiian shirt.

WHO IN SHOP Men’s Short Sleeve Hawaiian Golf Shirt

Men's Short Sleeve Button Down Vintage Bowling Shirts Hawaiian Casual Printed Beach Shirt Summer Regular Fit Top X-Large Hawaiian-lake Green

This Hawaiian golf shirt is perfect for those looking to add a touch of fun to their golf attire without sacrificing comfort.


  • Soft, breathable, and quick-drying material
  • Classic design with stylish patterns
  • Suitable for various occasions


  • Slightly thin material
  • Careful ironing needed (cool iron)
  • May run a tad oversized

The WHO IN SHOP Men’s Short Sleeve Hawaiian Golf Shirt is made from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable on and off the golf course. The fabric is soft, breathable, and quick-drying, making it perfect for those hot summer days.

This golf shirt features a classic design with spread collar, short sleeves, and, in some cases, a convenient chest pocket. With a plethora of different patterns available, including Hawaiian themes, Christmas themes, and unique prints, this shirt offers style versatility for everyone.

Not only is this Hawaiian shirt great for golfing, but it’s also perfect for beach vacations, casual wear, and holiday celebrations. Its unique patterns make it a fun gift option for the golfers in your life.

However, be mindful that the material is slightly thinner than some may prefer, which could affect the shirt’s durability. When ironing, be sure to use a cool iron as mentioned on the tag, or opt for wrinkle remover spray to avoid damaging the shirt. Keep in mind that the sizing may be a bit oversized for some, so potentially consider ordering a size smaller than usual.

Overall, the WHO IN SHOP Men’s Short Sleeve Hawaiian Golf Shirt offers a stylish and comfortable option for those seeking to spice up their golf wardrobe with a touch of Aloha.

J.Ver Men’s Hawaiian Shirts Set

J.Ver Men's Hawaiian Shirts Casual Button Down Short Sleeve Shirts Set

This set is perfect for summer outings and parties with a comfortable and eye-catching design.


  • High-quality, high-density fabric
  • Retro Cuban collar design
  • Shorts have adjustable waistband and pockets


  • Material might feel hot
  • Sizes may run small
  • Not many color options

The J.Ver Men’s Hawaiian Shirts Set, made of 65% Cotton and 35% Polyester, ensures durability and comfort. The high-quality fabric means your shirt and shorts will last longer, resist fading and tearing, and dry quickly after washing. It’s soft, lightweight, and perfect for a day at the beach or a tropical-themed party.

The shirt features a Cuban collar design and a fashionable print, making you stand out in a crowd. Meanwhile, the shorts have an elastic waistband and a trouser rope, allowing you to adjust the waist size to your preference. Additionally, the shorts come with two side pockets for easy storage of small items like keys or your phone.

One thing to consider is that some customers have mentioned the material might feel hot in warmer temperatures, so it’s essential to stay mindful of your body temperature during wear. Some reviews also noted sizing runs a bit small, so it might be wise to order a size larger if you prefer a looser fit. Finally, the set only comes in a handful of designs, so the color options might feel limited.

With its stylish design and quality fabric, the J.Ver Men’s Hawaiian Shirts Set is an excellent choice for anyone looking to make a fun and fashionable statement. Just remember to choose the right size and stay cool in warmer weather.

Bhlounplo Mens Button Down Hawaiian Shirt

Mens Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt

Add a touch of style and comfort to your wardrobe with this Bhlounplo Hawaiian golf shirt, featuring unique prints and a soft fabric blend.


  • High-quality fabric, 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex
  • Classic button-down and turn-down collar design
  • Unique and eye-catching printed patterns


  • Might not be suited for formal occasions
  • Limited size options
  • Polyester fabric might feel different compared to cotton

As you slip into this Bhlounplo Hawaiian shirt, you’ll immediately appreciate the soft, high-quality fabric blend that provides you with all-day comfort. This short sleeve shirt is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex, ensuring a perfect fit while keeping you cool during those warm, sunny days on the golf course or at a beach party.

The classic button-down closure and traditional turn-down collar design give this shirt a timeless look that you can wear confidently, knowing it’ll never go out of style. The unique printed patterns are sure to grab attention and ignite conversations, as you showcase your personality with flair.

Ideal for holidays, casual outings, tropical Hawaiian themed events or simply adding some fun colors to your daily wear, this Bhlounplo shirt is a versatile must-have. Keep in mind, though, that it may not be ideal for more formal occasions, and its range of sizes might not suit everyone’s needs. Additionally, the polyester-spandex blend offers a different feel than traditional cotton, which may take some getting used to.

In conclusion, this Bhlounplo Mens Button Down Hawaiian Shirt is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe, especially if you’re looking for a comfortable, stylish, and unique piece to express yourself. Remember to embrace the spirit of Aloha as you enjoy your new shirt and share the joy with those around you.

HISDERN Men’s Hawaiian Shirt

Men's Hawaiian Shirts

This Hawaiian golf shirt by HISDERN is a great addition to your summer wardrobe, offering style and comfort for any casual occasion.


  • Soft, comfortable, and lightweight fabric
  • Eye-catching floral prints and tropical appeal
  • Button-front with spread collar and short sleeve


  • Sizing is not in US standard
  • Material may shrink after washing
  • Bold design may not be for everyone

During hot summer days, staying fresh and comfortable is crucial, making the HISDERN Men’s Hawaiian Shirt a great choice for your next golf game or beach vacation. With its soft, cool, and lightweight fabric, you’ll be feeling the refreshing breeze without being overly exposed to the sun.

The design of this shirt stands out as vibrant and stylish. Not only does it feature all-over floral prints that add a tropical touch, but it also has a button-front, spread collar, and short sleeves for that perfect casual look. Style it with your favorite slacks or shorts to complete the eye-catching ensemble.

However, before adding this shirt to your cart, take note that it uses non-US sizing. Be sure to check the size charts provided and consider ordering one size up if you prefer a loose fit. Also, keep in mind that the material may shrink after washing, so be careful with laundering instructions.

In conclusion, the HISDERN Men’s Hawaiian Shirt is a versatile and stylish choice for those hot summer days when you want to remain cool and comfortable. Its bold design will surely draw attention, but be aware of the sizing and potential shrinkage issues while keeping the spirit of Aloha close to your heart.

Buying Guide

Material Matters

When choosing a Hawaiian golf shirts, it’s essential to consider the material. Quality fabrics like cotton or a cotton blend will provide both comfort and durability. Pay attention to the breathability of the fabric, as this will keep you cool on a sunny day at the golf course.

Style Wise

Your Hawaiian golf shirts should reflect your personality, so have fun with the design! Look for vibrant colors and bold patterns that embody the spirit of Aloha. Remember that an attractive design doesn’t mean sacrificing functionality. Ensure your shirt still allows for adequate mobility while swinging your golf club.

Fit and Size

Since the fit can significantly impact comfort, take note of the sizing options. Consider a shirt that falls between a slim fit and a loose fit, providing enough room for said mobility. Try the shirt on before purchasing or review the size chart carefully if possible.

Features Recommendations
Material Cotton or cotton blend
Breathability Moderate to high
Style Bright colors, bold prints
Fit & Size Comfortable, allows mobility

This guide lets you pick the perfect Hawaiian golf shirts for your next round. Enjoy the spirit of Aloha on the green, and may your game be as vibrant as your attire.


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