Here is Everything You Need To Know About The Golf Swing…


So I came across this animation infographic revolving around a natural golf swing. There is a lot of good swinging tips in this design!

It’s probably the neatest thing I’ve seen today.

Swinging Tips & Advice

Oh, and it’s also got solid advice and information that goes with our golf swing sequence article. Here’s what it covers…

  • 5 parts of the Golf Swing
  • Swing Physics
  • Swing Duration
  • Average Swing Speed
  • Golf Psychology
  • 3 Most Widely Used Golf Grips
  • Different Flight Patterns of a Golf Ball

Lumen Interactive created this data-rich design. It seems like they have covered the major points of how to hit a golf ball very well.

My Thoughts

Personally, I like the graphic design because it gathers and sums up so much information and puts it into one image. The animation draws my attention in too…

First, particularly like the speedometer gauges on the right. Next, I had no clue that it takes an average of 3 minutes to hit a golf ball. I guess I play speed golf. Finally, I’d never heard the comparison of the similarities of a golf swing to a trebuchet catapult.


If you don’t have the time our patients to read articles like this golf swing basics post then this image is for you. Therefore, you should check it out!

Swinging tips for a golfer is broken down in this infographic, 'Golf Swing Anatomy


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