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From the Desk of Chris Howard, Chief Marketing Officer

Thanks for wanting to learn more about Howard’s Golf. We’re a retail store that focuses solely on this great game. For 28 years we have been helping golfers hit their clubs farther and straighter using our tried and true approach to finding the right equipment that matches his/her swing.

So…why do we do what we do?

Let me share a brief story with you. It may help you understand why we’re a good store for you to listen to. We have been in business since 1992. Before that, Tom – the founder, was a PGA professional and Assistant Pro at a prestigious country club in Southern Indiana called Rolling Hills CC. 

The real turning point came when something unfortunate happened. The head pro left the course and the board of directors decided to bring in a completely new staff, which left him and many others without a job.

During these trials Tom had an ah-ha moment that led him to a wonderful discovery: He noticed how underserved golfers in the Tri-State area were regarding golf equipment. Tom wanted to give the golfers in the Evansville region a new experience, which was expert knowledge and a wide selection to choose from. He even had an unofficial tagline he told customers back then…

Country Club Service at Retail Prices

While we do not use that tagline the motto is still alive and well at our shop.

We get the struggles of golf and how having clubs fitted to your swing is paramount to straighter longer shots. We understand this challenge very well and we pledge to help you play your best golf in 2020, do it with greater ease, and succeed while you enjoy the process.

And today, Howard’s Golf wants to help you get started.

Here’s a cheat sheet for you to pick up, “the 7 Best Golf Drill for YOUR game!”, right now. This cheat sheet is perfect to help you:

  • Start making your practice sessions effective 

  • Develop a rock-solid swing foundation 

  • Gain discipline while improving your golf swing.

You can pick it up by clicking the button below:


Chris Howard, Chief Marketing Officer

Howard’s Golf

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