2018 Titleist Golf Umbrella List Your Need-To-Know Guide to Pick The Best


2018 Titleist Golf Umbrella List

Between your clubs and other gear, you’ve dropped serious money to play this game. So, do you really need to add an expensive golf umbrella to your repertoire as well?

The short answer is yes. A quality umbrella can make the difference between a great day on the links in any weather, and a miserable outing you’re not going to enjoy. Today, here are the topics we’ll cover about golf umbrellas:

  • What a golf umbrella is?
  • Titleist Umbrella Categories
  • The Titleist Umbrella Selection
  • Umbrella Buying Guide

When searching for an umbrella, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of different options. 

First, What is a Golf Umbrella?

If your answer is, ‘It’s just an umbrella used by golfers’, or you take issue with a golf umbrella like this guy then please keep reading to learn more…

Yes, obviously the umbrella needs to be used by golfers for it to be a “Golf Umbrella” but there is more to these element protectors than any ol’ cheap Amazon umbrella. Here are some typical attributes:

Canopy Umbrella Size

After searching through the major golf manufactures the standard tour size ranges from a 60 to a 68-inch arc. 64″ to 68″ is the main two choices though. These sizes are big enough to protect the golfer, his clubs, and his caddy.

Double Canopy or Single Canopy

You can purchase either a single or double canopy for a golf umbrella, but it’s highly advised to spend the extra coin for the double canopy which has the wind vents. These allow air to pass through without inverting the golf umbrella and possibly breaking the unit.

Umbrella Technology

This is where the umbrellas will vary, from company to company.  Here’s our breakdown so you can better understand what a golf umbrella is.

Golf Umbrella Durability

Due to the possibility of being ‘caught’ in a storm, having an umbrella with an anti-inversion system is preferred. Otherwise, at least make sure it’s a double canopy to allow wind pass-through from the ventilation holes. Both options are offered with a select few of these large umbrellas.

Golf Umbrella Shaft

Either fiberglass or carbon fiber shafts are expected, but you might see graphite offered instead. Lightning is a major concern, so golfers NEVER buy an umbrella made with metal materials.

Golf Umbrella Fabric

Golf umbrella’s need to protect from the rain, wind, and sun. Therefore, golfers tend to want an umbrella fabric that repels water and offers UV protection. Nylon, polyester, and a higher grade poly known as pongee are typically used.

Golf Umbrella Grip

Made with either foam or rubber, with some rubber grips offering an ergonomic design, and/or anti-slip technology.

Umbrella Price

Golf umbrellas start at $40 and go up from there. About $80 is where you find the best tour umbrella.

Titleist Umbrella Categories

Here at Howard’s Golf, we feel Titleist offers some of the best golf umbrellas to choose from. With 3 categories of umbrellas:

  • Titleist Golf Tour
    • Double Canopy
    • Single Canopy
  • Players Umbrella
    • Single Canopy
    • Folding Umbrella
  • Professional Golf Umbrella
    • Single
    • Folding

You’ll have six different styles of umbrellas to base your selection as you figure out what’s best for your needs…

Tour Golf Umbrellas

Tour umbrellas are among the most popular for golfers. These are, in essence, truly what a golf umbrella is and embraces. They can handle any weather conditions, including high wind with relative ease. There are two different types of Titleist tour umbrellas available:

  • Single Canopy
  • Double Canopy

Remember: A double canopy umbrella offers additional wind protection thanks to the vents located under the second canopy. These vents allow wind to flow through the umbrella, which helps to keep the umbrella from inverting, and makes it easier to hold in high wind situations.

Players Golf Umbrellas

Titleist has designed the Players umbrellas to be a bit more utilitarian than the tour varieties, and they’re also a bit smaller. These golf umbrellas are ideal for general use, and they can help keep you dry on rainy days on the course. Titleist gives two choices here also:

  • Single Canopy
  • Folding

Professional Golf Umbrellas

The Professional series umbrellas by Titleist are the smallest available, and they’re designed to fit easily in your golf bag. These bags provide just enough coverage for you and your bag, and they’re ideal for bad weather. This line of luxury umbrellas uses a high-quality golf umbrella fabric that is a water repellent material. Like the other two categories, Titleist offers two umbrellas here too:

  • Single Canopy
  • Folding

The Titleist Umbrella Selection

Whether you’re looking for some light protection from rain, or defense from all types of inclimate weather, these six umbrellas represent the best that Titleist has to offer.

#1 Titleist Tour Double Canopy (serious all-weather protection)

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy Umbrella TA8PLDCU-01 is the most popular Titleist golf umbrella.

For golfers wanting the best protection from wind, rain, and/or the sun the Double Canopy Tour umbrella is a proven winner. For golf umbrellas, it’s the best windproof umbrella available, in our opinion due to the anti-inversion system and double canopy Titleist incorporates. Check out my complete review of this Titleist Double Canopy Umbrella and read the crazy storm story I encountered with this guy! 

At 68”, this golf umbrella provides enough coverage for you, your bag, and a caddy. This large umbrella may be a bit too big and cumbersome for daily personal use, but it’s a must-have for the course. You can pick up your own Tour Double Canopy umbrella right here.


  • Double canopy makes it easy to control the golf umbrella, even in high winds
  • Anti-inversion system keeps your golf umbrella from flipping inside out, even in the worst weather
  • One of the biggest large umbrellas available
  • Ideal for multiple people


  • Large size is less practical for personal daily use

#2 Titleist Tour Single Canopy (large size and ample protection for most conditions)

The Titleist Tour Single Canopy TA8PLPSCU-01 still benefits from the anti-inversion system to make is a wind resistant umbrella

The single canopy tour umbrella provides all of the bells and whistles of the double canopy version, without the additional canopy. It’s also a bit smaller at 62″ and more manageable than it’s bigger brother.

While this golf umbrella doesn’t provide the same wind resistance as the TA8PLDCU-01, it’s made from the same UV protective fabric and features the same proprietary anti-inversion system.

The Tour Single Canopy is worth a second look for a general use golf umbrella that provides you with the protection you need in most weather conditions. But don’t rule it out for the course either. The TA8PLPSCU-01 is still a great option during a round.

Take a closer look at this handy golf umbrella right here.


  • More manageable size than the Tour Double Canopy
  • Anti-inversion system, UV protection, and ergonomic handle
  • Perfect size to keep you and your bag dry


  • Without the additional canopy, the Single Canopy doesn’t perform as well in high wind situations

#3 Titleist Players Single Canopy (compact size, ideal for most conditions)

The Titleist Players Single Canopy TA8PLCSCU-0 is an all-weather 58" golf umbrella ready for the elements

Looking for an even smaller and more manageable umbrella that’s suitable for inclimate weather? Not wanting to deal with the added bulk of the Tour series umbrellas? The Titleist Players Single Canopy umbrella may be a viable option for you.

This umbrella incorporates much of the technology you’ll find in the Tour series umbrellas and a stripped-down aesthetic that’s perfect for players who are looking to stay protected without the flashier looks common with some other umbrellas.

This golf umbrella provides 58” of coverage… Perfect for you and your bag. Features include:

  • Anti-inversion system
    • Great for windy conditions
  • UV protection
    • Protects you from harmful sun rays
  • Ergonomic handle
    • Feels good when holding

You can pick up the Players Single Canopy right here at Howard’s Golf.


  • Classic look and design
  • Compact and easy to manage
  • Anti-inversion system, UV protection, and ergonomic handle


  • Can be difficult to manage in high wind situations

#4 Titleist Players Folding (perfect for the bag, or for the car)

The Titleist Players Folding Umbrella TA8PLFU-0 is a great compact umbrella for a $40 price

If you’re looking for the best compact umbrella that’s just as well suited for the course as it is for walking to your office in a downpour, the Players Folding umbrella from Titleist may be perfect for you. Its versatility makes it a staple in golf bags and cars everywhere.

This folding men’s umbrella has the classic look of the other Players series models and provides the same 58” of coverage from the elements. It also incorporates a double canopy, which makes this golf umbrella a bit easier to manage in high wind situations.

The Players folding series is also the most affordable umbrella in Titleists extensive line, so it’s not uncommon for golfers to pick up one for their bag and another for the car. While this Titleist umbrella may not have the same proprietary features as some of the more expensive umbrellas, it does provide ample coverage and more versatility than virtually every umbrella on the market.

See if the Players Folding series is a good fit for your game here.


  • Classic styling and versatile design
  • Anti-inversion system and ergonomic handle
  • Affordable price


  • No UV protection, so you may want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a golf umbrella to provide shade and sun protection on hot days on the course

#5 Titleist Professional Folding (is a $90 umbrella really necessary?)

The Titleist Professional Folding Umbrella TA8PROFU-0 is a compact umbrella made with pongee fabric which is a superior quality water repellent fabric.

This classic and compact umbrella from Titleist provides the most impressive technology available on the market. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge umbrella that provides serious protection from the elements, this professional umbrella could be perfect for you.

But why does it have an MSRP of $90? While all of Titleist’s umbrellas provide great coverage and protection from the elements, the Professional line is the crown jewel of Titleist Umbrellas and possesses technological advancements that are absent from other models.

This golf umbrella has a carbon fiber shaft with a non-slip handle, making it one of the lightest, strongest umbrellas available. It also has an innovative polyester silk-like canopy known as pongee, which is the most impermeable and waterproof option available, making it perfect to have handy in a downpour.

The UV protective lining helps to protect from the sun on hot days, and the automatic open/close mechanism makes this compact umbrella exceptionally easy to use. At 44” this small umbrella is perfect for protecting you and your golf bag. But, it’s not large enough to shield the rest of your party, they’ll need to buy their own.

Get on the cutting edge of golf umbrella technology with the Professional Folding Umbrella from Titleist here at Howard’s Golf.


  • Exceptionally lightweight and durable
  • Auto open and close
  • Easy to store in the bag or the car
  • Most technologically advanced Titleist umbrella


  • Expensive

#6 Titleist Professional Single Canopy (There’s no pride in something everyone wants… Cheap Items/Many Buyers!)

The Titleist Golf Professional Single Canopy TA8PROSCU-0 is a luxury umbrella with a modern take on a classic design

Like it’s smaller, folding brother, the TA8PROFU-0, the Professional Single Canopy is Titleist’s best golf umbrella in terms of quality and classical design. But it also has a certain sense of modern appeal that one expects from Titleist Golf. Whether on the course or walking down Main Street this umbrella seems like the appropriate choice to protect yourself from the elements.

For quality, the umbrella material is the superior quality pongee fabric, which Titleist claims as an ultimate water-repellent fabric.

Also, for strength and lightness, Titleist created this golf umbrella with a carbon fiber shaft with a non-slip handle

Providing a 50” arc, this umbrella is just large enough to cover yourself and mates. And with the UV protective lining, you can use it for the hot sun also.

Look like a professional with Titleist’s best golf umbrella here.

Umbrella Buying Guide

If you’re in the market for a new umbrella, you’ll want to consider these points before making your decision.

Golf Umbrella Size & Weight

You’ll find a variety of different umbrella sizes when evaluating the different umbrellas on the market.

Compact and folding umbrellas are dual purpose: for use on the course, as well as in everyday life. Larger canopy umbrellas are ideal for those looking to keep themselves, their bag, and a friend or two safely out of the elements. But, they can be a bit more cumbersome and difficult to control than smaller umbrellas.

Regardless of the size you choose, it’s always best to look for an umbrella that’s lightweight and easy to control. No one wants to add more weight to their bag then need be.

Build Quality

You’ll find all sorts of umbrellas of varying quality on the market. If you’re looking for an umbrella that can stand the test of time and perform at a high level for years to come, you’ll want a well-built umbrella.

Materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber help to save weight while also providing impressive strength. You’ll want to opt for these materials, especially if you’ll be using the umbrella in high wind situations, as these materials stand up to abuse far better than metal or plastic do.

Speaking of high winds, if you’re regularly using the umbrella is especially windy conditions, a double canopy design will allow the wind to flow through the umbrella, which makes it easier to control, and provides improved inversion resistance.

As for the canopy, you’ll want to look for a highly waterproof material. If you’re playing in the hot sun all day, you’ll also want to opt for an umbrella that offers UV protection.

When it comes to how the umbrella opens and closes, a push button release is a popular feature that makes it much easier to open and close the umbrella. This feature is particularly useful if you have a large umbrella that’s difficult to close.


For some of us, money is no object when it comes to golf gear. But, what if you’re on a budget and looking to secure a high-quality cheap umbrella?

Thankfully, with so many different umbrellas available, it should be easy for you to find the features you need without any of the features you can live without. This will help you find the right umbrella for you without breaking the bank.

If your decision is completely value-driven, the Titleist Players Folding or Titleist Tour Single Canopy may be best for you.


Choosing the right umbrella can make the difference between a great day on the links in any weather, and a miserable outing you wish you’d have avoided. Selecting an ideal golf umbrella has helped me greatly when it comes to enjoying the game on hot, rainy or windy days.

How’d you like this comprehensive guide to the best Titleist Golf umbrellas on the market? Be sure to sound off in the comments to let us know which umbrella is your favorite, and share this article with your friends, as well!

Titleist Tour Single Canopy Golf Umbrella
Titleist Players Folding Umbrella TA8PLFU-0
Titleist Players Single Canopy TA8PLCSCU-0
Titleist Professional Single Canopy TA8PROSCU-0

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