About Us


The term ‘Mom & Pop’ shop gets used a lot today. About everyone wants to claim some form of family owned and operated. But in an age of convergence and consolation where small retail establishments are eaten up by big box stores, how many successful family businesses still operate?

The definition of ‘Mom and Pop’ is:
A small, independent, family-owned business. The “shop” could be any type of business, such as an auto repair garage, bookstore or restaurant, or in this case, golf shop!*


About the Howard Family

Meet Howard’s Golf, or more specifically, The Howard’s. Now, I don’t want to bore you with an origins story so I’ll cut to the chase and tell you about us.

First meet my dad, Tom. Tom used to be a heck of a golfer back in the day. But now he’s a desired scramble golf team member. At the shop, people are still awe struck that he still works the floor and fits people for equipment.

Next up is my mom, Kim.  Truth be told, I think her calling was to be a designer of some sorts, like in the fashion industry. But she’s happily content creating the best curation of apparel for both male and female golfers. You should look at the team outfits she puts together for high schools and scrambles. As a matter of fact, state winning high schools see Kim for their uniforms!

Then we have Erik. For all practical purposes, Erik is the Store Manager of the shop. But he seems most comfortable on our Flight Scope fitting machine dialing in customers swing specs for the perfect club(s). People have driven for hours to be fitted by him. And don’t let him fool you with his 25-handicap talk. He and Alice Cooper had a pretty good match one time playing straight up.

Last, that leaves me, Chris.  Whatever online ventures you might come across, if it involves Howard’s Golf, I’m usually behind it. Social media, website, or emails, guess what… That’s me. Regarding golf though, I’m probably the worst in the family. Breaking 100 is a good day for me. So if you need a fourth, you’ve been warned.

Of course we have a support staff at the shop, and well, aw shucks, we’re pretty fond of them and consider them apart of the family too.

Being a family-operated store you can only imagine the shenanigans that go on day-to-day. Of course it makes for a great culture, where even many customers feel like extended family. And that’s where you come in. Would you like to join our golf family?

Oh, and Golf Channel, when you’re ready to do a reality show with Howard’s Golf you know where to find us. 😉

*‘Mom and Pop’ definition provided by www.investopedia.com